¡La vida es un CARNAVAL!

Life is a CARNIVAL!

…and from MOMU&CO we join this CARNIVAL!

We loved the title of this issue #99 of Club Magazine , LIFE is a CARNIVAL… which is also the title of a famous song by the unforgettable Celia Cruz. From MOMU&CO as entrepreneurs in a commercial world as competitive as fashion, we join this carnival and dance it day by day making “Simple but Different” accessories, to the beat of the drums of good finishes, original designs and, above all, marking the passage of versatility and timelessness provided by such charming and noble materials as linen and cotton in their organic and recycled versions...

Dear people... let's dance this carnival... aaazúcar!

Since the beginning of the year we have had the opportunity to formally present MOMU&CO in Venezuela and make known what we do and how we do it to clients who value our work.

For this, the collaboration of the Radio Stereo 97.9 FM station in its programs MAMAS4x4 (IG @mamas4x4 ) and 2XSemana (IG @2xsemana ), directed by our beloved Lourdes Bolaños and María Consuelo Chacín , has been vital. From both programs we have been able to transmit MOMU&CO's value offer and the sales channels.

In addition to these actions, we are also pleased to present the communication collaboration with the renowned Club Magazine (IG @clubmagazine ), in its publication #99 titled “Life is a Carnival”, where you can enjoy the background of MOMU&CO, as well as images of our most iconic accessories.

Newly added to the MOMU&CO family

Over the past month, we welcomed the latest addition to the Monica-designed product palette, the MIO necklace .

MIO is a minimalist necklace with a military chain, a leather pendant and a polished silver locket.

A totally unisex garment, which looks spectacular due to its simplicity and timeless materials. Wear it short at the neck and with the charms on one side!

Take a look and tell us what you think!

Now available online

We continue to incorporate more products into our offer, until we show on our website all the products that you can get in our Atelier in El Born, in Barcelona.

The offer of the month

With the arrival of good weather and warmth, the occasions for evenings in which to show off our best clothes increase; and nothing better than doing it with the look and practicality of MOMU&CO. For those special occasions, our Tó Bag is the ideal accessory, and this month of April is the perfect occasion to get one.


Remember that you can always contact us directly. In addition to the classic email form and direct messages on our Instagram and Facebook profiles, we have implemented direct contact via WhatsApp Business (+34 930 007 135) that our clients can use in a simple and intuitive way to ask us their questions or comments, and that we will attend to with the diligence that characterizes us.

We will be happy to assist you!

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