About us

The spark that started it all

Everything is born from the restless and creative spirit of Monica Munevar Cortez, together with the skill and passion for working with her hands.

At the beginning, with the design and production of jewelry and gadgets from recycled materials, and then took the leap to create their own brand, with an e-commerce and the opening of our atelier in El Born.
Monica Munevar, founder of MOMU&CO

MOMU&CO was born to make a difference!... offering new Unisex Fashion alternatives in accessories.

At MOMU&CO we are aimed at creating unisex fashion, fashion to enjoy and wear for a long time. That's why we are committed to making timeless fashion through intelligent designs. This is what is called Slow Fashion .

We are passionate about creating fashion from the use of natural materials mixed with unconventional hardware and manual finishing, which make our accessories original pieces; It's what we like to call accessories with crazy touches!

The value of craftsmanship

We work hand in hand with local clothing professionals. Close people, committed and sensitive to the detail of the finishes. An excellent way to generate employment and guarantee quality and availability of all our products.

We believe in the Handmade brand; That is why MOMU&CO accessories have finishes and details that have that beautiful differentiation printed on them, a product of manual work that makes each piece unique.

Not only fashion

At MOMU&CO we use unconventional accessories, original noble metal fittings, which we 'borrow' from other industries, and artisanal pieces that make a difference compared to other accessories.

We are passionate about teamwork, that is why we promote activities in collaboration with different artisans, artists, designers... from the world of fashion but not only! We are convinced, and our products demonstrate this, that together we are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and effective creation.

And now we invite you to enjoy the different... we do it for you!