MOMU&CO was born to give free rein to creativity and recover craftsmanship, the value of Handmade , the finishes and details that bear that beautiful differentiation, a product of manual work that makes each piece unique. Therefore, when the time came to give a “stage” to the creativity and artisan skill of its designer and founder, we chose to open an atelier in the Born neighborhood in the city of Barcelona ; the place where artisans and designers are concentrated who, with their creations, have achieved international recognition for this part of the city among Slow Shop lovers, those who look for original products with a story to tell.

Under the principles and values ​​of our brand, the atelier is the place where all MOMU&CO products are designed and produced, with intense manual work and local materials, always ensuring the highest quality.

We invite you to visit us, two steps from Paseo del Born.

Come and live the Handmade experience at MOMU&CO!

MOMU&CO Barcelona

Fashion atelier in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Open from 12:00 to 20:30

C/ del Rec 42, 08003, Barcelona

+34 930 007 135

+34 930 007 135

Other points of sale

In our interest to get closer to our customers where they are, we have Corners or Popup Stores open in different locations.

These temporary sales points are possible thanks to the availability of our collaborators, who make part of their space available so that their clients and ours can see, touch and directly buy MOMU&CO products.

You can get our products in the following locations:


Giovanni Friseur Salon

High-end hair salon in the heart of this beautiful city, where its clients enjoy a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, and where beauty, art, fashion and the talent of its team are the guarantee of a unique experience.

Münsterstraße 15, 53111 Bonn

+49 228 62030272