Tendencias 2024-2025: Vuelve el bolso alargado

Trends 2024-2025: The Baguette bag is back


The lengthened bag, known by different names such as “east-west”, “Baguette”, or “Hot Dog” returns to the fashion scene. This is stated by the most important fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and VOGUE, among others.

A model that is recognized by its rectangular shape and that has been used and defended by prestigious fashion houses over the years. Its popularity became evident in the 1950s, and although we cannot say when the design of the Baguette bag was born, nor who created it for the first time, it returns strongly, as is customary in the world of fashion, to be present on this season's covers.

At MOMU&CO we have called our baguette bag proposal Isla Larga”, which means Long Island (no reference to the one in New York).

“I have named it Isla Larga in honor of a place where I spent much of my childhood. Due to its proximity to our city of Valencia (in Venezuela), where I grew up, the Puerto Cabello Islands that make up the San Esteban National Park represented a close and beautiful place to go every weekend, a paradisiacal place where Yolanda, my mother, taught us to observe, love and respect nature.
A place worth visiting at least once in your life.”
– Monica Munevar Cortez –

Newly added to the MOMU&CO family

The Isla Larga is the first of a series of new products that MOMU&CO is developing and that will be named after the Venezuelan “Cayos”: small islands along the Venezuelan coast that are born from coral reefs and are grouped into archipelagos of extraordinary beauty, such as the San Esteban National Park , in front of the city of Puerto Cabello, the Morrocoy National Park in front of the towns of Tucacas and Chichiriviche in the state of Falcón and, naturally, the internationally recognized Los Roques National Park .

With Isla Larga , at MOMU&CO we have achieved a trendy bag while maintaining the essence and style that characterizes us, a simple and different design, made from certified organic and recycled fiber fabrics and industrial hardware from the nautical world. Isla Larga is made one by one with a significant amount of manual work and love for the detail of the finishes.

Isla Larga, our baguette bag, we also love for the peculiarity of its use: a use that encourages femininity and beauty, since it is a model that demands attention and dedication when we wear it. Due to its elongated shape and low height, it is a bag that wants to be worn under the arm, on the shoulder or in the hand, and very rarely or practically never, crossed.

Isla Larga, our baguette bag is great for many occasions, to complement urban, casual, executive and semi-formal outfits.

Enjoy Isla Larga, an baguette bag model… and the baguette bag models are back to stay with us for a while.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

Now available online

We continue to incorporate more products into our offer, until we show on our website all the products that you can get in our Atelier in El Born, in Barcelona.

On this occasion we have incorporated the new Spring-Summer 2024 collection of Premiata sneakers on our website. One of the brands with which we have established collaboration, to complement the product proposal to our customers, and which from now on will also be available online.

Premiata is an Italian shoe factory with a family tradition that dates back to the 19th century, and which today is characterized by continuous innovation in both designs, materials and production techniques. Without giving up the family artisan tradition.

The offer of the month

For this month of June, we have decided to put our W'Proof Envelope on sale. The perfect opportunity to get a MOMU&CO icon.

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