¡Ya viene la primavera!

Spring is coming!

…and with it, the Easter holidays!

In a few weeks the winter season will be over and we will enter spring again; at least the astronomical spring. The climatic spring, here in Barcelona, ​​has never left us! 😉

But the most interesting thing is that the Easter holidays are coming and, with days off and good weather, the opportunity to travel, learn about and enjoy the good things of this season.

And what better way to enjoy those days off than by showing off a new MOMU&CO?

Therefore, during these past weeks, we have worked to increase the products for sale on our website. Also, starting today we will put a new product in our “Offers of the Month”. Everything so that you can take advantage of the opportunity and get that MOMU&CO that you like so much!

So we invite you to visit our website again and take a look at the news. We hope you like them!

In any case, if there is a product of ours that interests you and you do not see it on the website, do not hesitate to contact us and we will send it to you!

Now available online

In our previous post we told you that we would gradually incorporate new products, until we offer on our website all the products that you can get in our Atelier in El Born, in Barcelona.

For this reason, in the past weeks, we have published 4 new products in our online store, with all their variants; including those Unique Pieces , or those Limited Editions , which are born from the inspiration of Monica, our designer, and which until now we only offered ' offline ' in our atelier in Barcelona.

X-Tool Linum Bag X-Tool Canvas Bag
X-Phone Handle Asa X-Phone Limited Edition
X-Phone Mini Handle Handle X-Phone Mini Limited Edition Forte Bracelet
Take a look and tell us what you think!

The offer of the month

To accompany you on your Easter adventures, with the look and practicality of MOMU&CO, during this month of March we have put our Qiüt Bag on sale.
Qiüt Linum bagQiüt Canvas Bag
Remember that you can always contact us directly. In addition to the classic email form and direct messages on our Instagram and Facebook profiles, we have implemented direct contact via WhatsApp Business (+34 930 007 135) that our clients can use in a simple and intuitive way to ask us their questions or comments, and that we will attend to with the diligence that characterizes us.
We will be happy to assist you!
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