At MOMU&CO we are passionate about teamwork. That is why we promote activities in collaboration with different artisans, artists, designers... from the world of fashion but not only! We are convinced, and this is demonstrated by our products, that together we are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and effective creation.

With these collaborations, we promote the strengthening of companies, artisans, artists and other actors who share our values ​​and principles, while at the same time we bring their creations and products closer to our clients.

an exclusive world


Italian shoe factory with a family tradition that dates back to the 19th century, and which today is characterized by continuous innovation in both designs, materials and production techniques. Without giving up the family artisan tradition.

Accessories to get out of the ordinary


Hono is a slowfashion brand focused on the design of prints for textile accessories that capture the essence of the wearer, everything is done carefully and locally, in Puebla, Mexico.

They manufacture under a fair maquila system and also take care of textile waste and waste resulting from the printing process.

The value of authenticity

3mb Matter

Carefully created sculptures, unique and unrepeatable.

“We make sculptures of today with ancient instruments of the past. We give freedom to the pieces that, combined with each other, acquire great expressive force. Through them, you will visualize a totally transformed world.”

Come see these creations in our Barcelona atelier!