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Henox bracelet

Henox bracelet

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A MOMU&CO classic! A 'simple but different' design, loved by our customers, and which fully embodies the philosophy of combining stainless steel nautical hardware with natural vegetable-tanned leather.

The Henox is a bracelet designed in the style of a belt that is characterized by its stainless steel buckle, a piece that is normally used on sailboats as functional hardware. The natural style of the vegetable-tanned leather strap and the cufflink as a clasp that completes the closure do the rest. And as an anklet it looks simply spectacular!

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Additional Description

A completely unisex bracelet, which looks spectacular on both men and women, and can also be worn perfectly as an anklet.

The Henox is a vegetable-tanned leather bracelet entirely handcrafted, which has a stainless steel buckle from the nautical industry as a closure and main decorative element..

Features of the Henox Bracelet:

  • Vegetable tanned leather worked entirely by hand.
  • 316 stainless steel hardware, completely hypoallergenic.
  • Sewing in fiber thread and natural wax.
  • Designed to be worn as a bracelet or
    anklet, it's just a matter of measurements.
  • Available in various sizes. Check the measurement guide
    to find out what your size is.
  • We make it tailored to you. Select the “Custom” size and send us with your order the measurement of your wrist or ankle, at the height you want to wear it, and we will take care of the rest.
  • There will always be small variations between the images and the final product since these are entirely handmade items.



Width: 25 mm

Height: 1 mm

Product composition

Vegetable tanned leather
316 stainless steel

Product care

How to keep your MOMU&CO fur piece in perfect condition

Because we use vegetable-tanned leather in our bracelets, belts, and other leather goods, we recommend that you do not wear them while swimming or showering. In general, it is best not to put them in contact with significant amounts of water.

To maintain the softness of the leather, from time to time, rub your piece with your hands after you have used moisturizing cream for your leather.

In any case, use will undoubtedly leave its mark, but that is the characteristic that differentiates a handmade piece made of natural materials from an industrial one with synthetic materials; and that is precisely its beauty!

Therefore, we recommend that you use your piece of fur to the fullest and enjoy the passage of time, with respect to the investment you have made when purchasing it, and the love that we have imprinted on each one of them when making them.

How to clean your MOMU&CO fur piece

If you had an accident with a stain or spill. Don't worry! Use a blotting paper or clinex on the piece, eliminating excess moisture.

The fittings, which can become dull due to the weather, can be cleaned by rubbing them gently, using some blotting paper or clínex, almost in the same way as we clean the lenses of glasses.