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Isla Larga Canvas Clutch

Isla Larga Canvas Clutch

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Tribute to the "Cayos" of Venezuela! This clutch bag takes its name from one of the spectacular islands along the Venezuelan coast.

A trendy bag that maintains, at the same time, the essence and style that characterizes us: a simple and different design. Made from certified organic and recycled fiber fabrics and industrial hardware from the nautical world. Isla Larga is made one by one with a significant amount of manual work and love for the detail of the finishes.

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Additional Description

The Long Island, is the first of a series of new products that MOMU&CO is developing and that will be named after the Venezuelan “Cayos”: small islands along the Venezuelan coast that are born from coral reefs and are grouped into archipelagos of extraordinary beauty.

“I have named it Long Island in honor of a place where I spent much of my childhood. Due to its proximity to our city of Valencia (in Venezuela), where I grew up, the Puerto Cabello Islands that make up the San Esteban National Park represented a close and beautiful place to go every weekend, a paradisiacal place where Yolanda, my mother , taught us to observe, love and respect nature. A place worth visiting at least once in your life.”

– Monica Munevar Cortez –

Isla Larga stands out for the peculiarity of its use, a use that encourages flirtation at all times. Due to its elongated shape and low height, it is a bag that wants to be worn under the arm, on the shoulder or in the hand, and very rarely or practically never, crossed.

Features of the Isla Larga Canvas Clutch:

  • Made of 100% natural eco-fabric cotton canvas, with hand-crafted rustic vegetable-tanned leather corners.
  • It has a short shoulder strap in vegetable-tanned leather and a 100% recycled polyester shoulder strap for maximum versatility.
  • Its fittings are small pieces in zamak and anti-allergic stainless steel.
  • Closure with our zipper MOMULock, for greater security and differentiation.
  • A practical, versatile and timeless model.


Length: 38 cm

Width: 2 cm

Height: 19 cm

Product composition

100% natural eco-fabric cotton canvas
100% natural and recycled cotton
100% recycled polyester
Vegetable tanned leather
316 Stainless Steel

Product care

How to keep your MOMU&CO bag in perfect condition

Always store your bags in their cloth bag, in a place free of humidity and try not to put heavy weights on them, as they can become deformed.

Since we make them with natural fabrics with wide weaves and vegetable-tanned leather, use will undoubtedly leave its mark, but that is the characteristic that differentiates a handmade bag made of natural materials from an industrial bag with synthetic materials; and that is precisely its beauty!

So we recommend that you use your bag to the fullest and enjoy that passage of time, with respect to the investment you have made when purchasing it, and the love that we have imprinted on each one of them when making them.

How to clean your MOMU&CO bag

If you had an accident with a stain or spill. Don't worry! Use a dry or slightly damp cloth on the stain.

If that is not enough, we always recommend professional dry cleaning.

Leather parts, such as handles and hooks, should be cleaned with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

The fittings, which can become dull due to the weather, can be cleaned by rubbing them gently, using some blotting paper or clínex, almost in the same way as we clean the lenses of glasses.